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    A universal healing combination, working with the Blue Print of Your Soul. Awaken to the Love within, align to your Divine Self.

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Devi Ma

Mutli-Dimensional Spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Sound Breathwork Healer, Akashic Soul Readings, Soul’s Destiny Akashic Readings,  Women’s Immersion Facilitator.Retreats, Do’terra Wellness.

Devi Ma is a spiritual aspirant of the yogic and shamanic paths committed to her own healing and spiritual evolution for the past 20 years. Devi walks the path of devotion and service to the awakening of spirituality upon the earth Through the ancient yogic and healings arts and rituals of several traditions.  Devi is active in planetary service and passionate in the evolution of the earth to the awakening of  the Divine Feminine symbolising the birthing of  the golden age a time where love, light and wisdom is restored upon the earth.



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Devi Ma is a gifted intuitive healer who will work with the Blue Print of your Soul with any of the following sessions:

Divine Light Activation,
Holistic Women’s Health & Ancient Wisdom,
Sound, Light Shamanic Healing,
Breathwork Session,
Reiki Master – Healing and Teachings
Aroma Touch Sound Healing,
Trauma Release,
Spiritual Activation,
Chakra Balancing,
Past Life Regression,
Soul Retrieval,
Entity Clearing,
Akashic Reading
Spiritual Life Coaching

Guided by Divine Mother,  Ascended Masters and Angels Devi channels soul message, spiritual practices, divine human template to support you in integrating the session.

Devi is passionate about the awakening of women and holds Women’s Awakening Retreats in Bali, India, Europe Australia  and monthly Women’s Awakening Webinars for group healing, planetary transformation, empowerment, support, and balance of the masculine and feminine.  See up and coming events.

“Bring the light to your Home” with Skype Sessions, receive light activation/reiki healing/akashic reading/spiritual life coaching in the comfort of your own home.

Devi Ma holds a sacred space of unconditional loving presence in all of her sessions and workshops supporting you to awaken to your True Self and to create the life you choose to live…

In loving Service to the Awakening of the Golden Age upon our sacred earth.

Namaste, Aho,

Devi Ma is a gifted lightworker, healer and teacher. Her energetic integrity (through both her sessions and the sacred space in which she works) is outstanding. She has been my preferred practitioner for energy healing and spiritual guidance for many years now. I highly recommend experiencing her pure love and light for yourself… Emily Rooney | Byron Bay Feng Shui