I have undertaken Devi’s Reiki courses (to Master level). Her practical knowledge combined with her intuitive insights make her a wonderful teacher. -Barbara

Reiki Courses

If you are feeling the spirit of Reiki calling you then its time to receive the teachings and initiation of this healing energy.   One,...
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Breathwork, Yoga & Self Inquiry

Our breath is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Discover the power of your breath with ancient yogic breath techniques and unfold the...
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Initiation into the Ancient Codes of the Mystery School of Egypt

A sacred and powerful journey into the chambers of Egypt for healing, for transformation and empowerment into Remembering Who you Truly Are. Originally channeled by...
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A journey into Self Master with the healing technique of Reiki. Learn all tecniques required to teach all levels of Reiki.

Awaken to the Stillness of the Heart

Devi’s unconditional love and presence will support your journey as you travel with the Masters into the stillness of your Heart, to remember Who You...
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Women's Empowerment Grandmothers Speak....

‘Love is our Power. Love is our Beauty’ From the novel of Sharon McEarlane’s, The Grandmothers Message. A sacred journey into the heart of the...
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