Woman Awakening – Transforming with Love

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Join Devi Ma on this journey into restoring the balance of the masculine and feminine through Master Activation, Sound, and Divine Grace.  Ignite the fire of your Sacred Feminine  and co-create a unified field of the Divine Feminine together restoring peace, harmony, love, right action and balance.  Be active in sacred service, by taking responsible for your contribution to Planetary Ascension.   Plant the seeds of the Golden Age upon the earth with awakening your magic with pray and intention in service to all Beings and all generations to come.

Date and time

Webinar:  Sunday 14th February 2017 5pm Bali Est.
Monday 15th February 8.30am Bali Est
Monday 15th February 5pm Bali Est


After purchase you’ll be sent a link to the webinar by email. Once payment has been made their is no refund.  However if you are unable to attend the Webinar for some reason, I will gladly credit you for another Webinar or equivalent product, as often the universe has something else installed for us so I happy to support any one who is unable to make the commitment to attend at a later date. Namaste

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Embodiments of light we are called once again to Awaken the Divine Feminine essence within the hearts and wombs of us all.

The fire of transformation is upon us and the flame of our Soul is ignited with the spirit of Jupiter reminding us of the inner guru who can choice to be empowered as an Awakened Women weaving the web of light, love and wisdom into our physical, mental and emotional bodies and into the collective reality.

In this new moon Webinar the Masters of Planetary Ascension and the Mother of Grace will activate high frequencies of Golden Rays of Light awakening the Tantric Union of your Soul.

They will illuminate dis-harmonic energies within the masculine and feminine and through the ancestral lines and collective consciousness upon the earth.

We will delve deeply into Wisdom Teachings of:  Surrender, Truth, Empowerment and Loving Presence with commitment to integrate  into the 3rd dimensional reality for the  coming moon cycle.

High dispensations of light will be transmitted to support in the clearing of energetic pathways so that the Wisdom Teachings of your Soul can awaken to its highest potential.

Step into the co-creation of the New Dawning through conscious awareness, intent, pray and grace.

Master Healing and guided breath meditation will be transmitted for individual and collective transformation and activation for awakening the  Tantric Union of the Soul restoring Divine Balance, Peace, Right Action, Love and Unity upon our earth.

Look forward to sharing, In loving Service.

Namaste, Aho


Monday 26th
Bali/W.A 5pm
Sydney 8pm
UK 9am


Tuesday 27th

Bali/W.A. 9.00am
Sydney 12.00.pm
New York 8pm
LA 5pm

To register: www.divinelighthealing.com.au for Webinar No.




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