Children & Teenagers

Conscious children, create a conscious planet.

Our children and teenagers are becoming more and more sensitive to the spiritual energies on the planet.  Which can often be expressed with challenging emotional bodies, or physical alignments that have no apparent cause.  A Reiki Healing is a powerful yet nurturing healing modality that can balance the emotional body, the chakra system, and support the spiritual body in anchoring into the physical.  In times of intense change and high vibrational energies anchoring into the earth our children and teenagers are very effected by this. A healing session and Sacred Earth Remedies are of great service to support the young ones emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A channeled reading may be of assistance in finding out the reason why certain negative behavioral patterns are being played out.

Breathing techniques and meditation practices are offered to support in the integration of the higher spiritual energies.

The children of these times are highly evolved there soul is calling in connection to there spirit, supporting the New Earth Children in awakening to there true nature at a young age is one of the greatest gift you can offer your children.

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