Woman Awakening – Transforming in Love

Woman Awakening New Moon Webinar is inviting Women from all over the Globe to come together to open the Spiritual Heart and Unite as One Heart.

Guided by the Council of Divine Mother this weeks activation will be working with the Goddess Lakshmi aligning us to open to the Abundance of Spiritual Connection, Wisdom and Creativity, Through Surrender and opening to Trust we can transform the ancient programs of the Feminine and embody Higher Frequencies of Love and Abundance in all forms.

We will be assisted by Lady Nada who will open the inner earth portal to ground your Spiritual Heart into the Heart of Earth, to support you to manifest your abundance into the earthly realm.

The Council of Divine Mother will activate portals of high dispensation of light to support you in healing grief, separation and abandonment of your masculine and feminine line.

We will explore the addictive patterns that arise when one’s heart chakra is contracting and embody New DNA Programs that will assist you in holding the Higher Dispensations of Light.

We will align the Higher Mind and the Spiritual Heart to come into balance to support you to integrate these higher energies into your daily life.

I look forward to sharing.

A Women’s Power is Love – A Women’s Beauty is Love

Sunday 26th February 5pm Bali Time
Monday 27th February 5pm Bali Time
Monday 27th February 8.30am Bali Time

Costs: $33.00 U.S

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Temple of Light Priestess Retreat

Temple of Light Priestess Retreat

A sacred journey on the lands of Bali in a 10 day retreat for Women to Awaken the Ancient Priestess Arts of Healing and Ritual.

A multi dimensional activation and embodiment of the frequencies of the Divine Mother, Celestial Realms, Galactic Federation, Inner Earth Beings.

Unveiling the Ancient Priestess Healing Arts of light language, sound, breath, dance, yoga, meditation, shakti embodiment, shamanic and tantric practices, sacred rituals and ceremonies, alchemy of the elements, women’s wisdom teachings and cacao heart opening ceremony.

A transformational journey to support you to Awaken and Embody the Priestess of the Golden Age to support your service as a mother, healer, light worker, women’s group facilitator by raising your consciousness to embody higher frequencies of the Divine Feminine for your soul’s evolution and to consciously participate in the planetary service of co-creating the Golden Age of an Awakened Humanity upon our earth.

Devi Ma Medicine Women, Light Worker, Reiki Master, Multi Dimensional Shamanic Sound, Light, Breath, Healer, Ascended Master channel, Akashic Reader, Yoga teacher who has dedicated the past 17 years of loving service to the awakening of the Divine Feminine and the anchoring of the Golden Age upon the earth.

Women – Love is Our Power, Love is Our Beauty

Please email for booking onehearthealing@yahoo.com.au


Price: 2500USD
Early Bird until 7 March 2017 1900USD (Save 600USD!)
Deposit 20% to hold your space paid by 1st March 2017
Full Payment By: 1st April 2017
Payment Plan Available

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