Skype Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of receiving a healing in the comfort of your own home with a Long Distance Healing or Reading with Reiki to purify your auric body, balance your chakra’s, support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Devi will anchor a pillar of Healing Light into your home which will clear away any negativity that may be stagnate within your home and assist your environment in vibrating at a higher spiritual frequency.  Transforming energies of depression, anger, fear, stress or anxiety.. Experience Peace in your home….

A time will be organised in which you are asked to sit or lay where you will not be disturbed.  You will be given a breathing technique that will assist you to relax and be open to receive the healing energy of Reiki, or and Ascended Masters.

Devi will send a channeled reading  informing you of what took place, and advising you on ways in which you can integrate the energy into your  life after the session.

Reiki is Universal Healing Energy that is beyond time and space.  A gift of unconditional love and healing light.


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