Shamanic Healing

grounding elixirDevi will  journey into the underworlds, and upperworlds of your Soul for ancestral healing.    Devi works with the spirit of the elements, and Grandmothers.  Often working with Medicine Drum, Rattle,   Crystal Sprays and Remedies to open up pathways within your physic for healing, and to support you into surrendering into deeper levels of your consciousness. She will work with your totem animal and receives messages and insights that will support your healing and transformation.

Soul Retrieval

Often when there is deep seated emotional wounds from this life or previous lives, caused from accidents, trauma, loss, abuse, terror, neglect, feelings of being unloved part of the Soul becomes fragmented and this aspect lives in another world. Devi will journey into the higher and lower worlds to retrieve this aspect of your Soul and anchor it back into your body, so that healing can take place.

Psychic  Surgery

If you are suffering with continual negative thought forms, suicidal tendencies, lack of energy, depressed and have tried to transform this from your mind and body with no success. Then often Psychic Surgery is needed, where Devi will travel into the lower and upper worlds removing curses, implants, negative thought forms, astral interference and restore any holes in your auric field and anchor your soul back into the body.

Often if the Soul is fragmented holes in the auric field will occur.  It is suggested to receive a Soul Retrieval and Psychic Surgery, and Chakra Balancing in a series of three Sessions, to ensure a transformational healing takes place.



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