Master Channelling and Physic Reading

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“Love All Serve All”

Devi has been a channel for the Masters and  Sri Sathya Sai Baba for over a decade, where she receives Physic Messages to support your soul’s journey.  Profound insights, spiritual practices and past life clarity will be channeled in alignment with your Souls’ destiny, to support your spiritual evolution.

The Masters Divine Presence transmits high frequencies of light to assist you in healing, releasing and moving forward in your life.

A channeled Reading from the Masters will support you in  areas of your life that need clarity, direction or reveal subconscious belief systems or karmic patterns they may be preventing you from living your soul’s purpose. The Masters will provide Spiritual Inspiration and Wisdom to navigate you to align to your Divine Self, opening your spiritual heart to higher levels of love and peace and assisting you in anchoring your highest spiritual potential on the earth.violet light healing

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