Initiation into the Ancient Codes of the Mystery School of Egypt

egyptian lotus mandeladivine mother photoA sacred and powerful journey into the chambers of Egypt for healing, for transformation and empowerment into Remembering Who you Truly Are.

Originally channeled by Thoth, through Valerie Reading, in 1999 as Anuibus Reiki.

We have lived many lives and carry the DNA imprints of unresolved karma that may continue to influence our life in a not so positive way until it is brought to the healing chambers for karmic resolution.

This course is designed for light workers, healers, spiritual aspirants who feel the calling to align to the healing energy of Egypt for transforming past life memories, or to assist you in your healing work on others. It is suggested that you have been taught Reiki 2, or a similar healing modality before you receive this healing frequency. As you will be initiated into higher frequencies of spiritual energy and receive activation of Ancient Codes through your energetic body.  Your energetic field needs to be prepared prior to the course enabling you to hold this energy with grace and ease.

A profound activation for awakening the Sacred Feminine Energy from Egypt and aligning to your Divine Presence.

A two day workshop encompasses:

  1. Activation into the Ancient Codes of Egypt;
  2. Sound Meditation;
  3. Channeling and Messages from the overseeing Masters of this frequency;
  4. Journey into the healing chambers to break contracts, belief systems, from this life time;
  5. Receive 7 Ancient Codes;
  6. Learn how to use these codes for self healing;
  7. Incorporate these codes into your healing work on others;
  8. Forgiveness Meditation;
  9. Group Sound Healing.


10.00 to 4.30pm both days.
Costs: $350.00

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