Breathwork, Yoga & Self Inquiry

sound healingOur breath is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Discover the power of your breath with ancient yogic breath techniques and unfold the Love and Peace that resides in your heart.

A meditative journey where you learn several breathing techniques,  Meditation Practise, and Yogic Asanas, that will  support you in your everyday.

Find deeper levels of peace in your mind and discover the stillness of your heart.

A one day Course:

  • Breathwork – Ancient Yogic and Tantric Breath Techniques to assist in quietening the mind and preparing for meditation.
  •  ‘ I am’ Meditation
  • Slow movement, Sound Yoga.
  • Self Inquiry – Discover ways in which to navigate your consciousness into your Divine Self.


9.30am to
Costs: $90.00


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